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What is ballbusting?

What exactly is ballbusting?

Ballbusting is a fetish, where someone derives pleasure from, the nuts being kicked, punched, kneed, squeezed, stomped, or tramped on. Its similar to CBT (cock & ball torture), except in ballbusting its usually a direct extension of the female, as opposed to clothespins, electrodes, etc. While the majority of people that have a ballbusting fetish are male, there are some females I have encountered also, who proclaim to get very turned on every time they hurt a guy.

Within the realm of ballbusting, there's 100 different variations in itself. I'll explain more.

For those that are confused, yes it does hurt. As do nipple clamps/nails raked across your back, etc. For the people with the fetish though, theres an erotic attachment to the pain. In addition, consensual ballbusting is typically not done with the same intensity/ferociousness that a woman who is a) really pissed or b) fending off an attacker will do. Save for a few guys I have seen, men, whether they have this fetish or not, can not withstand a full force kick square to the jewels. It will bring us down to our knees (which is why it still remains one of the best self defense tactics for females to use...I'm willing to give free lessons if desired..heh) However, the nuts are pretty resilient too. I'll show a few pictures at the end of this that'll show you what I'm talking about.

There are different variations of willing ballbustees. There are those who prefer self-defense style. There are those who prefer girls barefoot, those who prefer girls in pantyhose/stockings, those that prefer women in the most evil looking boots or stilettos they possibly can, those that prefer knees, those that prefer grabs, and those that take it any way they can get it. There are even those that desire for a female to do permanent damage, however, that takes the fun out of the fetish if you've got nothing left to play with.

What is it that turns us on about it?
The answer is different for many men. For many, it involves a power exchange. Just like many powerful men like to be dominated in the sack, ballbusting involves a power exchange. Women are typically thought of as the weaker sex, yet men have been programmed with a weak spot that can be taken clear advantage of, in one fell swoop. There is something extremely sexy about a woman that confidently knows this, and will use it to her advantage. Theres the "fear" turn on factor that exists in consensual busting. The fact that she could do so much more damage when shes standing on top of you, yet doesn't...the fear factor makes for a bit of a tease. There's the closeness and "intimacy" of some of the moves. For an effective knee, a woman usually has to be pretty close. Many times she will use her shoulders to brace and you get to see her expression right before the drop, that sexy smirk of satisfaction she possesses in knowing that she is the one in control.

(For those that have seen my icon, she is the same woman as in that icon)

As you can see in these previous two photos, they are pretty durable. Both pictures have the ladies standing almost full weight.

More pictures later...
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